Nacho Libre

Photo: Credits to jphilipg

I tried Nacho Libre for the first time this Thursday night. I had heard about it several times this summer from friends but I also decided to do some online reading on reviews of the place just before going. The popular opinion was that the service was bad as soon as a few people filled the bar.

Well I had a completely different experience. As soon as I stepped foot in, I was welcomed by the staff at the bar and I was given the menu as soon as I chose a table. The service was warm and fast.

Nacho Libre is a mexican themed bar concentrating on the Lucha Libre world, also known as free wrestling. The menu includes all the favorite mexican fast-food meals and also has a wide selection of tequilas to try. The selection on draft beers is interesting and well priced.

You might also get lucky and go on a night when the dj is wearing a luchador mask. It wasn’t the case the night I went to but the music was great even if the dj spot is not the main scene in the bar.

The setting of the bar is also worth mentioning. A lot of big tables are available for groups and there is also a lounge area at the back with a few sofas. In the middle, following the length of the bar, swings for two have been fixed to the ceiling. I’m not sure I would recommend sitting on these if you’re there to drink a lot though!

Conclusion: A nice bar to go to when in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie for a snack and a few drinks. Located on a quiet street, you will be sure to find parking!

ADDRESS: 913 Beaubien E.
PHONE: (514) 273–6222
PRICE: 6$ for a pint

3 thoughts on “Nacho Libre

  1. Merci pour votre commentaire Akima!
    Comme on me l’avait dit, le service devient très mauvais dès que ça se remplit.
    J’ai bien aimé mon expérience car j’y suis allée un jeudi soir en fin de soirée. Pas trop de gens, donc un super service rapide et chaleureux.


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