Vertige is a wonderful tapas restaurant, of the same family as Confusion, located on Duluth. I had never heard of it before so it was a great surprise to try this place. The restaurant offers many types of menus to please the crowd, including tasting menus, but the real highlight is their tapas night on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

For only 29$ per person, you get to choose 6 tapas each that are quite generous in portions. The list is so long that I couldn’t write about this without a few pictures! Here’s 14 items I have tried:

The salmon tartare rested on a bed of wakame with homemade chips on the side. It was delicious but might have been missing some sea salt to make it complete.

The meat tartare came like expected, with Parmesan on top and crackers. The flavors were good but the pickled taste was a bit overwhelming.

The snails on shell were amazing, mixed with a buttery parsley. I would definitely order this dish twice!

The scallop was delicious but a mystery to me on its components. From my guess, it rested on a parsnip purée mixed with eggplant caviar but I could be totally wrong. You get the idea! All in all, perfectly cooked.

The mushroom agnolitti was my least favorite dish. The presentation was lovely but the flavors were just off. It felt like the pasta was not freshly made but had been stored.

The kefta was made of lamb and came on top of hummus with sauteed pine nuts. The lamb was perfectly cooked, keeping all its juice and flavors.

The squash velouté was one of my favorite picks. It sure didn’t miss any butter! The taste was comforting but light.

The red snapper fish&chip was not a top pick but cheers for making the dish with red fish! Something new to try out.

The duck roll came in a traditional Vietnamese filling with a delicious orange sauce. Another favorite!

The risotto came with vegetables and a lot of cheese. It was a bit too heavy but still pleases the crowd.

The duck paté chinois was a revelation! The duck confit came with fresh corn and mashed leek.

Finally, the fried crab and shrimp plates were both great appetizers to begin with, especially the shrimp that came with a coconut milk sauce. Maybe too thin but still good.

As for the dessert, yes we even ordered dessert after the 24 tapas, we decided to go with the pain perdu and caramel au beurre salé ice cream. Heaven in a plate, made only by demand so it’s fresh and still a bit crispy. How can a piece of bread become so amazing?

Conclusion: Vertige is a wonderful tapas place to choose on a Tuesday or Wednesday night with a few friends. The more tapas you order, the more tasting you will do. The food really is the star and the staff makes the night even more pleasant. Also, it is important to mention that the wine list was good and affordable. Bottles as cheap as 25$ were available.

ADDRESS: 540 Duluth E.
PHONE: (514) 842-4443
HOURS: MON-SAT 17:00 P.M. – 23:00 P.M.
PRICE: 50$ on tapas night, including wine and dessert

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