Byblos is a lovely restaurant/café specializing in Persian food. It’s a popular venue, located on Laurier E., but it does get quieter in the afternoon. The restaurant is gorgeous with its heavy wooden tables and huge windows to let the sun in as much as possible.

I decided to visit Byblos for brunch, as they are very well known for their delicious omelets. The menu, whether it’s for breakfast or for lunch/dinner is quite affordable and encourages you to mix plates.

The brunch started with yogurt mixed with diced cucumbers and raisins. We also tried what was advertised as a meat roll but ended being a delicious, light and smooth meat loaf. Warm bread, with a mix of sweet bread and pita, was brought to accompany those plates.

Byblos Yogurt

We then had feta omelets and tomato omelets. The feta used by Byblos is very special and will remove any dislike you may have for it after eating too many Greek salads with heavy feta. The feta they have is closer to goat cheese and the way it is mixed with eggs gives a rich and creamy result. Delicious to eat with pita bread, and to mix with yogurt!

Byblos - Feta Omelet

The tomato omelet is also very good and lighter. The flavors in that simple but great omelet remind me of the exact same dish my father used to make me. Now, they just scored a lot of points!

Byblos - Tomato Omelet

We also had a bowl of Halym which is basically a mix of porridge, cinnamon and turkey. It may sound weird but it’s actually delicious and very filling.

Byblos - Halym

Finally, the fresh juices of watermelon, bowls of espresso with milk and mint tea were just the perfect addition to our brunch.

Conclusion: A gorgeous and warm restaurant/café to visit while in the neighborhood. The owner, a sweet little Persian lady, is always there to make things roll and the service is friendly. I would recommend it for brunch but also for an afternoon snack with tea, served in the Persian tradition. Expect a little line on week-ends and remember that you have to pay at the counter when ready to leave to make it a lovely experience!

ADDRESS: 1499 Laurier E.
PHONE: (514) 529-9396
HOURS: TUES-SUN 9:00 A.M. – 11:00 P.M.
PRICE: $10 on brunch time / $20 on lunch and dinner time

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