Big in Japan

Finally, an update! I got so busy lately… but it didn’t stop me from trying this new venue in town!

Big in Japan is located at the corner of St-Laurent and Des Pins, replacing Le Pistol. It’s easy to find with the rounded sign outside in Japanese letters and the big window that lets you peak inside easily.

People might get mixed up on whether it’s a brewery or a restaurant. Well not to worry, you are indeed welcome for the house beer without being required to eat but there are plenty of choices to accompany your drink during a 5 à 7.

If you’re looking forward to try their menu for a full meal, I would recommend visiting Big in Japan on lunch time for their $10 lunch specials from miso to ramen with all kinds of exciting ingredients in your bowl.

As for the menu on evenings, it really is made to be eaten as a snack as you probably won’t get filled by anything you order. Which is good if you’re planning to eat around later on!

For my visit, I went with the house beer which was a great and light lager for a very fair price. You can also have a sake drink but the staff doesn’t say much about those. Being a sake lover, I recognized the little pink bottle I usually buy at SAQ.

Fun fact, sake is rarely drank hot in Japan when no matter where you order it in Montreal, it’s the dark hot bottle coming your way. Sake being served cold or at room temperature means that it’s of better quality and I highly suggest trying it to compare!

I ordered a few snacks starting with a bowl of edamame that can never deceive. It basically has replaced popcorn in my life, so addictive! I also tried the shrimp skewers on the fish side and the mushroom skewers on the vegetarian side. Everything was good and came with a delicious sauce but I realized that 90% of the menu at Big in Japan ends up being fried.

Conclusion: Big in Japan is an exciting new venue on St-Laurent and I will definitely go back to try their lunch specials. It’s also a great location for your group 5 à 7 but beware of when it’s time to pay. It’s only one receipt per table, which we’ve come to get used in town in the past year, but you won’t be able to pay exactly for what you ordered. They will only give you change and let you figure out how to split the bill. A bit frustrating to end a fun evening.

3723 St-Laurent
CREDIT CARDS: Yes with a minimum of 25$
PRICE: $12 for a beer and snacks, all taxes are included in the menu

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