La Raclette

Spring is full on and summer is at the doorstep, quite the perfect timing to go try a raclette and fondue restaurant while it’s still a bit frisky! La Raclette is a gorgeous little Plateau restaurant located on quiet Gilford street. I had never heard of it before but I sure will remember it.
I have to say that I rarely step in fondue venues as I like to make it at home with great company and wine. La Raclette sizes that ambiance with no pretention as it is an Apportez votre vin restaurant. A special mention to the open kitchen bringing a modern look to a cozy restaurant.

For my visit, I decided to go along with a three service from the single paged menu. To begin with, I ordered the pepper raclette, consisting of two slices of delicious melted cheese and potatoes. I enjoyed it with homemade pickles brought along fresh baguette on our arrival.

On to my entrée, I ordered the bavette cooked in fine herbs accompanied by shredded potatoes, beets and crunchy green beans. The beef was perfectly cooked and the whole plate was more than generous.

Finally, I made it to dessert to have a delicious bowl of nougat ice cream. It’s so rare to find this type of ice cream in Montreal! Dried fruits and nuts were mixed in to give it a fruit cake flavor.

Conclusion: La Raclette is a lovely Apportez votre vin restaurant to enjoy great amounts of cheese. The service was flawless with the waiters always on stand-by. A great location to try when one wants to get away from Mont-Royal street. They also have a pretty wooden terrace in the front for summer.

1059 Gilford
PRICE: $40 for a 3-course service

Note: Please don’t mind the pictures for this one, I relied too much on my dear iPhone!

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