Senzala – Bernard

As a Mile-Ender, I’ve been to Senzala several times for brunch as it has a gorgeous terrace in the summer and a way too generous cheesy breakfast to offer. But today was finally my first time trying out their evening menu and what a great experience it was!

The menu is made up of many exciting choices to either accompany a drink or have a complete meal and a nice wine list is available at a maximum price of $35.

To start the evening, we ordered a bottle of Riscal 2007, a Spanish red wine. We were then served warm and delicious fresh bread.

Since the entrees seemed so generous, I decided to skip the appetizers even though I was highly tempted. I ordered the Muqueca plate, which is served with either a fish fillet or shrimps cooked with onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander, coconut milk and spicy oil, served with rice and salad.

The fish was perfectly cooked to melt right away in my mouth while the sauce was all I could wish for coming from this mix of ingredients. No seasoning was available on my table and it made perfectly sense after tasting everything, why would I need it! The rice and salad accompanying the fish were also great side dishes.

After this, there was no way I could go for dessert! It will have to be for another time when I make up a tapas menu out of the appetizers available.

Conclusion: Senzala may now be my new favorite terrace in Mile-End for an affordable, generous and tasty meal. The service was very friendly and the restaurant was not too crowded compared to the brunch service.

ADDRESS: 117 Bernard W.
PHONE: 514-274-1464
PRICE: $40 per person, including drinks

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