Last day in Tokyo

Day 9

Ramen with spicy miso base in Shibuya

Pork Dumplings in Shibuya

Ebi (shrimp) burger at McDonalds


Tokyo was a real pleasure to discover and a dream come true for a foodie. So many great flavors to try, whether it’s street food or fancy restaurants. Ingredients I didn’t enjoy much in Montreal were completely different in Japan.

Everything is so fresh but so different from the American or even European cuisine. Try going in a grocery store and finding all the base ingredients you are used to buy to make a simple recipe. But adapting is a pleasure here and even if the food is different, it ends up being maybe even more balanced that what we are used to eat.

I really want to go back in the future, especially now that I feel at ease in Tokyo. ā¤

A few souvenirs:

  • Getting a free umbrella from the owner of a Korean restaurant because it’s raining a little bit
  • Going in a mini bar in Golden Gai and be served too many tapas for free by the cutest woman bar owner I have met in my life

2 thoughts on “Last day in Tokyo

  1. How lucky you are! It’s being way too long since I have not visited Japan (5 years and ++). I hope I can go back there and roam around Japan for the their best tables (street food also interests me, anything tasty actually ;p)


  2. It was a wonderful trip and a real treat as the traveler I am. As for food, it was so well balanced that my goal is to include more and more Japanese food in my dishes at home.
    I hope you go back soon šŸ™‚


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