Cookies Unite – June Edition

I am so excited about this post because I’ve been meaning to try and finally blog about this monthly event since the first day I heard about it in spring! Cookies Unite is Gita Seaton’s clever idea after taking part in a similar event back in Ottawa. Montreal’s line cooks finally get a chance to be the star of the night and blow us away with their ideas in a carte blanche style dinner for only $30 per person. And to make it even better, it’s bring your own wine!

This past Monday was Cookies Unite’ second edition, which is always hosted at le Dépanneur Pick Up, a gorgeous dep/coffee/restaurant/hanging out spot in Little Italy. The evening featured DNA’ sous chef, Phillip Viens.

Poupou’s Fresh Baked Bread

Fresh bread with a spread of lard. A new experience in taste, quite different than your regular butter.

Cream of Mount Royal Stinging Nettle Soup

Light but tasty soup in a perfect sized cup.

Stairsholme Farm Organic Duck Egg, Asparagus, Notre Dame du Lac butter

First time I tried a duck egg. I couldn’t find much difference from the regular egg except for it being way more rich in flavor. Loved the vinaigrette with the asparagus.

Roasted Pork Belly, It’s Crackling Pan Juice, New Potatoes and Green Sauce

I wish the pork belly would have been cooked just a little more as the two pieces weren’t even but what a great plate. I loved the green salad on top with all of its acidity, especially with the capers.

Wildflower Honey Semifredo Affogato Thé des Bois

Great dessert to complete this meal! A mix of fresh ice cream with tea was the perfect end to this meal.

Conclusion: I had a wonderful night at Cookies Unite, thanks to the friendly staff and the venue. With only 30 places available, it wasn’t too loud and it gave the dep a great ambiance with everyone looking like they were having a lovely evening. Phillip Viens made us a rich and exciting menu and the food kept on coming at the perfect time. I wish he would have been introduced to the crowd at the beginning or the end so that we could have applauded his efforts for a double service night. Join the Facebook group to stay updated and reserve as soon as you can as places don’t stay available for long.

7032 Waverly
Once a month, usually the first Monday
PRICE: $30

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