Dépanneur Le Pick Up

Dépanneur Le Pick Up is one of my favorite venues in La Petite Italie. I mentioned it for my Cookies Unite report, which is one of the many fun nights they host. Think about a dépanneur (convenience store for the non-Montrealers) that sells all your usual products but with a healthier and organic selection. Now imagine that half of Le Pick Up is also a restaurant with diner-style food to order, to go or to eat inside or outside, at one of the many tables surrounding the place. Quite the concept and it sure is successful!

Le Pick Up is famous for its weekend brunches that are quite generous and tasty. Specials change from week to week and if it doesn’t fit our tastes, regular breakfasts are available for half the price.

There are also some great sandwiches to choose from and trust me, they are filling.

The coffee should not be missed as it is made with much love and tastes fantastic. It is also one of the only places where I was offered a choice between sugar, honey or agave and milk or soy milk. Definitely all the options needed to make it the way we like it.

Now another item that has made Dépanneur Le Pick Up famous is its Pulled Pork. Two options are made available, the real Pulled Pork or the Faux Pulled Pork made with tofu. Well I’ve tasted both many times and after two years, I always fall for the Faux Pulled Pork. The way the tofu has been modified to give a pulled pork presentation and the taste embedded is always surprising.

Conclusion: If you’re around La Petite Italie and would like to try something new, this is your spot. I love Le Pick Up and the random crowd filling it everyday makes it quite special. It is also a great brunch spot for groups and families with the picnic tables all around the places. No reservation needed, just great food in the sun! Make sure to turn on Mozart to reach Waverly if you come from the east as it can be a bit complicated to find it the first time.

7032 Waverly
HOURS: MON-WED 7AM – 7PM / THUR-FRI  7AM – 9PM / SAT  9AM – 7PM/ SUN  10AM – 6PM
ALCOHOL: No unless it’s an event
PRICE: $10-$15

3 thoughts on “Dépanneur Le Pick Up

  1. Thanks for your comment Victoria! You should check out their website for their almost monthly food workshops too! They’re fun, cheap and full of lovely people 🙂


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