Biron – Summer Menu

Biron hosted a lovely 5 à 7 a few weeks ago to meet fellow Montreal foodies and give them a sneak peak of their summer menu. It was previously known as Duel but is now named after David Biron, the remaining chef.

It was actually my second visit to the restaurant and once again, I felt quite welcome and open to ask any questions about the food I was sampling. Charlotte was the fantastic host of the event and she invited us to enjoy a blue corn cocktail as soon as we got in.

The place was quite packed so it was a challenge to taste each of the exciting bites passed around. My favorite sample was the Kobe mini burger which surprised me with its fruit jam inside. No wonder I’ve read about it so many times!

David Biron then blew us all away towards the end of the evening with his truffle pyramid and macarons. The taste and texture was perfect.

You should check out Biron for sure if you’re in the neighborhood, whether it’s for their take-out menu or for a full on 7-course menu. David Biron is a chef to look out for, especially if you’re curious about Asian cuisine.

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