Korea House

Since I’ve got back from Japan, I have been obsessed in finding a real Korean BBQ restaurant in Montreal. I know that the law is probably different here and that’s what makes it so hard to find exactly what I had back in Tokyo. However, this mission of mine of finding the best place in town is a fun one and I get to taste different concoctions of kimchee each time.

Korea House is the second place I have tried in Montreal, after Maison Bulgogi. Located on Queen Mary inside a building, it has quite a better vibe than my previous venue. The restaurant might be missing a lot of traffic for not being directly on the street but once you get in, you know you’re at the right place.

After choosing a BBQ that seemed to fit our needs, I pointed the beef sirloin plate to our cute Korean lady and got her approval. She then started bringing us plenty of side dishes.

Korean BBQ is simple and exciting. No matter where you eat it, it always comes with a plate of raw meat to cook yourself on the grill and lots of side dishes. Korea House brought us miso soup, spicy sprouts and sweet sprouts, rice and of course, kimchee! All the sides were delicious and generous. Their kimchee wasn’t too strong which is great for first timers.

As for the meat, I loved the addition of mushrooms and onions. The grill had real flames but they weren’t strong enough to caramelize the meat sauce which left it a little bland. Overall, wrapped in lettuce with kimchee and extra hot sauce, it was still very delicious.

Conclusion: Korea House is a safe bet for Korean BBQ but I still feel like I could find better. What makes me want to go back to this one is their great selection of stews that seemed to be ordered way often than the BBQ. A great place to try on a rainy day if you’re around Snowdon.

4950 Chemin Queen Mary
PHONE: 514-733-7823
PRICE: $40 for 2

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