Olive & Gourmando

Believe it or not, this past Saturday was my first visit to Olive & Gourmando. I used to work five minutes away a few years ago but I never ended up going in. Learning that they started selling the wine they import and serve on the menu made it even more exciting to check out.

As soon as I got in, I knew I would love the place! Once greeted by the staff, we were assigned a table with a number and invited to go pick our food and drinks at the back. Food was going away fast as two kinds of sandwiches turned out to be sold out by the time we made up our mind!

A great selection of beer, wine, tea, coffee and homemade beverages were available to choose from. I went with their iced tea which was wonderful and not full of sugar like many fake versions that are sold in coffee places.

For my first time, I knew that I had to try one of their sandwiches. I have to say that the fresh salads and soup were all tempting too but the Cubano sandwich got all of my attention. The panini bread was filled with thin ham, braised pork, mayo (a mix of chipotle, pickles, lime and coriander) and gruyère cheese.

Wow. This has to be the best pork sandwich I have had so far! Compared to most sandwiches packed with loads of pork and sauce, this one kept it simple and well-sized but exploded with flavors. I still can’t get over the smoky taste coming from the meat combined with the mayo and melted cheese.

This was a perfect lunch meal and I seriously can’t wait to go back to find out about the other sandwiches that were sold out that day.

Conclusion: Olive & Gourmando is a wonderful venue to visit for breakfast or lunch while in the neighborhood. The menu is exciting and you will never look at a sandwich or salad the same way again. Great wine finds can be made too with a staff always ready to help you choose. You can check out their website daily for an updated menu.

351 St-Paul West
PHONE: 514-350-1083
PRICE: $20

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