Honey Martin

I never planned on trying Honey Martin nor had heard about it before. See, I’m temporary living in NDG and my friend driving me home on a Wednesday night thought it would be fun to go for one last drink. I started Googling the words bar and NDG with no luck when we drove by a small bar that had a big young crowd outside chatting and smoking.

In a dangerous turn, we managed to find parking in less than two seconds and headed to the entrance. I was a bit shy to go in as we were wondering if it wasn’t a private event or even a bar? After seeing the big Guinness sign on top of the logo, we knew it would be okay and made our way inside Honey Martin.

I rarely get this feeling unless I’m visiting another country but I got very excited as soon as we went in. This pub really made us feel like we were tourists trying a new bar somewhere around the world. Honey Martin is a mix of a gorgeous old interior design, loud conversations, live music playing and a great selection of drafts. The crowd was was a mix between people in their 40-50s and students from the Loyola campus.

We enjoyed a nice pint of Harp while managing to talk over the lovely lady singing that night, but it all fit right in. People around us all had smiles on their faces and it was too easy to start a conversation with anyone.

Conclusion: Honey Martin really made our last drink special and I’m looking forward to going back. The draft selection is great but a tad expensive. The bar is long and a bit squeezed. It reminds me of European bars, which is a plus! Great way to meet new people and hear some folk/rock. I recommend to try it out on a week night!


7 thoughts on “Honey Martin

  1. Terrible bar that is way too expensive for the city. The descriptions that say it’s a friendly atmosphere are lies. The owners are rude to the patrons and don’t care about new clientelle. Not fun, crowded with old drunks, a waste of time.


  2. I think saying that my description is a lie is a bit too harsh. I might have been on a lucky night or you might have on the worst ones – who knows. But I can assure you that if I would have had to deal with rude patrons and a crowded place, I would have mentioned it too.
    So until I go back and have an experience like yours, I won’t start lying about hating it too to make others happy đŸ˜‰


  3. best pub in montrĂ©al. the atmosphere is GREAT, there’s ALWAYS live music, people is friendly and there’s something subcultural going on there. the bar is crowded but, thank god, this is what a bar is meant to be. yes, beers are a bit expensive though. ciao!


  4. Ive known Honey’s as a random-night-regular for over a decade. Conviviality and live good mood music can surround you + the warm witty service is a definite bonus. NDG is known for its cross-section of characters (good and bad-ass), so will a small pub at the centre of it. Its always worth the unpredictable visit (even at $7/pint of imported ale).


  5. Who is the person on every website bashing the Honey Martin’s reviews, using the webname mgriffin, which is the owners name?


  6. Just went here for the first time after my cousin has been saying it’s great and I’ve gotta agree. I haven’t felt that comfortable in a pub in a long time and the live band were awesome. I will definatley be going back.


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