In Foods Evening with Chuck Hugues

I was invited yesterday to try the new In Foods products at La Guilde Culinaire. I had seen the packages online a few times but never in store so it was great to get a taste and more information about the array of pita chips and mashed potatoes available.

I’m not a fan of processed products but I’m also not always in the mood to cook everything from scratch. I think it’s great that people like Cheria Kyres take the initiative to bring us natural and quick options when we need it. I also love their pita chips which is a way more fun snack than regular chips.

As for the evening, it was very well organized with unlimited wine (and a nice headache this morning), delicious bites from the venue and Chuck Hugues using the featured products to make one of the greatest scallop dish I have tasted yet.

Since we were at La Guilde Culinaire, a pretty kitchen boutique and a wonderful space for cooking classes, we were invited to follow Chuck’s recipe from our cooking stations.

For products and recipes, take a quick tour here.

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