Nouveau Palais

As an ex Mile-Ender, I have visited Nouveau Palais more than once for late night poutine under the influence of too many drinks. The food wasn’t so good but the location and after party crowd made it very fun to go to.

It was only recently though that I learned the business wasn’t going so well and that an awesome crew made up of Dépanneur Le Pickup and Cookies Unite decided to buy it and give it a second life!

So right after finding out about a hot beef sandwich event on Facebook, I knew I had to go try the place out and see what the new owners had in store for the future.

My table decided to go with the evening special even if a lot of exciting items were also available to order: fried chicken, pork chops, mac ‘n cheese. It is clear that Nouveau Palais wants to stay in the diner field with a new all-American menu. Forget about the poutine, order cheese fries!

The hot beef sandwich was delicious and quite spicy. Don’t try to look cool when they ask you if you want hot or mild peppers!

With it, came unlimited french fries – delicious and fresh! Also, the refill at the table is a total win and it’s hard to say no.

To my deception, their pumpkin pie was sold out by the time we got to dessert so we tried the chocolate pudding. Nouveau Palais is to watch out for in the future for desserts. The crew is quite excited about making yummy pies and cakes and it will be fine to come by for a sugar rush only.

Nouveau Palais got its alcohol permit right on time yesterday afternoon and makes it a rare and okay venue in Mile-End to go to for a drink without having to order any food (but you probably will anyway!). With only one choice of red wine yesterday, it was the perfect bottle that I loved already and for a crazy cheap $22, don’t hesitate on glasses or bottles.


4 thoughts on “Nouveau Palais

  1. Hey Aaron, the previous owners/staff wanted to sell for a while. I think a lot of people miss big nails lady and sleepy little man doing the cash but from my experiences, the new staff is pretty awesome and very chatty! Give it a second chance 😉
    Also, if you want a poutine absolutely, I recommend you go to the corner of St-Laurent to support another business that has been open since forever. It’s always the same guy working and he makes awesome hot dogs too. 🙂


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