Avocado’s 10th Anniversary

Photo used from the Avocado Flickr stream
I was invited last week to Avocado‘s very VIP party at their newest location in Little Italy – Café Avocado. As soon as I arrived, I knew I was in for a wonderful evening!

Avocado is a catering service in Montreal and a name that I keep hearing repeatedly when I go to events, weddings and even at Liquid Nutrition at work. If you’ve heard of Ludo Lefebvre’s pop-up parties in New York City, well Avocado is also behind bringing this great concept in town.

I was part of the first guests so I was lucky enough to check out the space and taste the first bites available. The oyster counter brought by Daniel Notkin was quite exciting and I am so glad that I do now enjoy these little gifts from the sea as I couldn’t dare to eat one a year ago. Notkin’s quite the man when it comes to opening oysters!

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take pictures of all the crazy delicious bites served during the evening as it was more than packed but here’s a sneak peak at Avocado’s creations.

The cooks were hard at work all night and I was quite impressed by the presentation and flavors achieved. Even if I’m not a sweet person, my favorite bite that evening was the foie gras, pistachios and chocolate “truffle”. I’ve got to say that only one other chef in Montreal made me enjoy foie gras so far so Louis-Roy Potvin, Avocado’s executive chef, has all my respect.

To top an evening packed with fans of the caterer, Avocado’s creator François Dussault had to bring out the champagne! This great team definitely knows how to treat its guests and make them feel special. Check out their upcoming pop-up events if you want to party and meet a fun crowd. Best tip would be to follow them on Twitter to get the scoop on the future date.

Thanks for the lovely evening! …and the hangover.

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