Cookies Unite – November Edition

After missing the last Cookies Unite, I was very excited for my reservation in November. The latest edition was held at Nouveau Palais so it definitely had a restaurant vibe compared to the evenings hosted at Dépanneur Le Pick Up as every little group was seated together in booths this time.

For this Cookies Unite, Aaron Langille was the guest chef. He traveled and learned cooking by working in well-known restaurants, including Le Club Chasse et Pêche, XO and Trois Petits Bouchons in Montreal.

The menu started with the homemade sourdough + stuff. I enjoyed the sourdough and pickled components made of cabbage and carrots but I wasn’t a fan of the spread. The animal fat taste was too strong even once mixed with the rest of the plate.

To wash it off, we were then offered a cup of Kombucha and what a great idea! Sadly it was mixed with too much apple cider vinegar and it empowered the Kombucha.

The second service was titled “La truffe du Canada” and it lead to a great conversation before on what on earth could that be. Finally, we received Jerusalem artichoke with a side of barley and cranberries.

I really enjoyed this plate as it was a mix I wouldn’t have ever imagined and it made me enjoy Jerusalem artichokes as the star of the dish.

Next up, beets, beets, beets and beef cheek!

Simple but great combination created. The beef was cooked perfectly but a bit dry. Once mixed with the beets though, it was a delicious and juicy mix!

Finally, honey, pear + juniper was an ice cream cone. I have to say that I got very excited to end my meal with this dessert!

Light and fresh, the juniper was a flavor to discover combined with ice cubes made out of pears. Sadly, the first item in the title seemed to be missing in taste and I would have loved a little bit more of sugar in this ice cream!

I enjoyed my evening at Cookies Unite but maybe not as much as the previous events. I really missed the interactions with strangers sitting a few centimeters away in a venue too small and it just ended up feeling like we were just waiting for food in a restaurant.

I think it would have been great to include one or two wine recommendation with each dish on the menu with the great selection that is now offered at Nouveau Palais (it’s no more BYOW). Jacques Seguin who created the list was of great help but also too busy from times to times with a full room ordering wine and drinks.

I think the crew of Cookies Unite is still figuring out how to run this night in a new location and I have no doubt it will get better in the near future!

2 thoughts on “Cookies Unite – November Edition

  1. The idea for this event is great. It’s the food that needs to be rethought. The lard was awful, awful awful. The vinegar chaser was just as bad. And the beets with beef was good, but bland… and the icecream was a bad idea for the second sitting…. and why bad homemade icecream with big water crystals (and not enough honey) in stale … why not a warm poached pear with gobs of honey and juniper to leave a warm feeling before we headed out into the cold november weather? (our sitting ended at past midnight… so yes it was cold and bluster out there)…. so yuk… the menu was a miss…


  2. Wow, the second sitting did end up late! I always book the first one because I get sleepy fast on week days and eating a heavy meal is not so easy.
    As for the food, the fact that it’s carte blanche and they don’t have to stick to a “regular” menu means that it can be a total success or a miss like in this case.
    Let’s see what our future chefs have in store for us 🙂


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