I always get very excited when I find out about a new restaurant for lunch around my workplace. Omnivore has been open for a few months now  and it’s located at the sunny corner of St-Laurent and Marie-Anne.

Their menu features all the Middle Eastern favorites and it’s all freshly made. You can get a sandwich of kefta (beef), djaj (chicken), fish or go for the vegetarian plate made up of several choices of salads including okra!

Since I was on a rush, I decided to go with the kefta combo to go. It featured a kefta sandwich on the grill, a fatouch salad made on order (crunch! crunch!) and mint tea with mint leaves and honey. A soup can also be chosen instead of the salad.

I was very impressed by the salad being made on the spot even if in the end, it was a little bit too oily. The kefta was more than delicious and I could taste all the spices I usually bring back myself from Morocco. Ominivore gets extra points for offering tea that doesn’t come in a tea bag.

Conclusion: Omnivore is the perfect restaurant to get away from work on lunch time. The location is pretty, sunny and the staff is always in a good mood. The food is fresh, full of flavor and it’s hard to decide what to order even if it’s only a few items on a slate board. Skip the soft drink and try one of their teas.

ADDRESS: 4351 St-Laurent
PHONE: (514) 303-5757
HOURS: DAILY 11:30AM – 11:30PM
CREDIT CARDS: Interac Only
PRICE: $10-12 for a combo

2 thoughts on “Omnivore

  1. I think the difference is that Rumi is more a mix of Moroccan and Iranian when Omnivore is more about Lebanese but way healthier than your usual Amir. The service is faster too 😉
    You should try the Rumi on Hutchisson on evenings. They make delicious tajines and the wine list is great! Also that Rumi on afternoons offers some great mezzes with tea.


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