I love Indian food but it’s always a risk to try a new restaurant. I find that a lot of locations use too many cans and don’t use enough fresh ingredients so it can become hard to digest with all the spices.

So you’ll be as excited as me to try Thali, a simple counter located downtown in the middle of the Korean neighborhood. It’s owned by a young Indian couple that will greet you with a smile and answers to any questions related to the lovely menu.

Choices are crazy cheap and delicious and you’ll probably end up with a doggie bag for your lunch the next day.

I went with the Non Vegetarian Thali (which means plate) offering two choices of meat, one choice of vegetable, rice, salad, naan and a papadam. I chose the butter chicken which I can’t seem to resist and the lamb curry for my protein options and a stew of spinach and onions. To accompany all those spices, I ordered a mango Lassi.

Other well-known Indian drinks are made available like Thumbs Up featured in Eat, Pray, Love if you dare to go on a sugar high!

Conclusion: The whole meal was fulfilling and I’m happy to add Thali to my favorite locations along with Chef Guru. Make a stop on your next shopping trip or before your PA shopping, it’s totally worth it!

1409 St-Marc
PHONE: 514-989-9048
HOURS: MON-THURS 11:30AM – 10PM / FRI 11:30AM – 11PM / SAT 1PM – 11PM / SUN 4PM – 10PM
PRICE: $12 – and taxes are included on the menu

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