Au Pied de Cochon – Sugar Shack

Au Pied de Cochon, a very well known Montreal restaurant run by Martin Picard, offers one of the most interesting sugar shack experience in Quebec and it was with great joy that I finally tried it for the 2011 season.

Nothing but luck got me a table for 14 friends and I, people that I found in less than two hours should I add. Reservations are usually made in December the year before and if you get a call back, it means that you’re in! On my side, I emailed them too late but I ended up getting a call two weeks ago with the offer to take a cancellation for the week-end that just passed.

The experience that Au Pied de Cochon offers is a fine dining voyage into the familiar sugar shack dishes we are used to eat every year. It feels funny to use the term fine dining though as you will see how generous the food is. I will let the pictures speak for themselves on this one.

Overall, I loved my experience at Au Pied de Cochon’ sugar shack! The food was lovely and there is not one single dish that I disliked. One thing I would have done differently is that I would have skipped the meat pie (which is an extra on the bill) that I tried at home already because I did feel really full at the end. I skipped dinner time and still didn’t feel hungry on the next day – what a binge!

The price per person is $54 excluding service and taxes. With drinks, coffee, meat pie, candy floss for take-out and more, it went around $100. I think the price is worth it as you will not get a similar experience elsewhere. The location is nice and close to Montreal, the staff is hard working and fast and the food is great!

I loved how the services were timed. I really feel like everyone at my table got the time to eat, have great conversations, go for little walks in between dishes and really enjoy the sugar shack experience. I think that most locations in Quebec have turned into a fast food buffet service and they kind of want to make sure you’re out in a hour or so. Try this one if you’re thinking the same and I promise you won’t be deceived!

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