I went for my first wine tour in Sonoma last week. I was so excited but sad at the same time knowing I would not be able to bring back some exciting wine home.

I always travel with my bright and yellow backpack and it’s not the best mean to transport fragile products.

While I was visiting the Ravenswood winery though, I found the WineSkin for sale in a basket. For only $2 a piece, it’s the perfect solution for bringing back bottles without being afraid of ruining whatever else is in your luggage and keeping everything secure.

I tried it on my way back to Montreal with two 750ml bottles tucked in between my clothes in my bag and everything went smoothly.

This is a single-time use product but since it does not seem to be available in Canada for now, I simply cut the seal area to remove my bottles and plan to use it upside down in the future.

Check out the site and where you can get your hands on it!

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