Plan B

I have to admit that I’m not one to wander much on Mont-Royal, especially if it’s for a drink or a bite. Of course, I have my favorites and I gladly stick to them.

It was after a lovely picnic evening with my friends that we all decided to head out for a drink now that the weather was too cold to enjoy sitting on the grass. A friend proposed Plan B and sold me the idea that they had a heated terrace at the back.

Of course, the terrace was packed once we arrived but we settled ourselves in the comfy seats located in the back. As soon as I opened the cocktail menu, I got blown away by the exciting selection. In my books, any bar that knows how to make a Ti’Punch has won me over.

A few more drinks later, we did get our table outside and it made me love Plan B even more. The setup is small and private, and it is not uncommon to see people stay for hours.

The staff was very welcoming and always ready to propose new drink ideas. They offer a small snack menu but I did not try any of it, I was too excited to get my drink on. Check it out this summer, either for an early 5à7 (if you want to get a table outside) or a drink in the middle of the day on the week-end.

ADDRESS: 327 Mont-Royal E.
PHONE: 514-845-6060
HOURS: Daily 3PM-3AM
DRINK PRICE: Around $8 in general

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