New York, New York

I had the chance to visit the beautiful New York city once again this past June. Here are my latest finds!
Magnolia Bakery

If you can deal with crowds going crazy over cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery is a required stop during your visit. The cupcakes all look amazing and I can confirm that they taste as good as they look! I chose a vanilla cupcake and a fresh lemonade for a quick stop at the park across the street in the middle of Soho.

Visit the website for locations.

Mile End

Oh, don’t shake your head at me! As a true Montrealer, I couldn’t resist trying this Brooklyn restaurant claiming to bring Montreal’s delicacies to New York.

I tried Mile End on my last day in town and I simply loved the place. The ambiance, staff and menu all make this restaurant a place to remember. All the products they serve come from the neighborhood except for the bagels which are shipped straight from Montreal.

I tried the smoked meat poutine with fresh pickles and a Fire Island beer. The food was more than generous and it was worth the price.

Visit the website for the address and make sure to discover the cute neighborhood around by foot!

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