Brahm Mauer Bar Services

I was invited this summer to a cocktail tasting offered by Brahm Mauer at the gorgeous Loft Hotel. I’ve tried many great caterers in Montreal but it was my first time hearing about a bar service.

Brahm Mauer offers a special and very personalized experience with its bar to go and great staff counting 35 employees. Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday or a corporate event, they seem to have done it all and they know how to please each client.

On that evening, I got to sample delicious and creative drinks that were all made using the same base. They found a smart way to keep the prices low while offering something special and it can be as cheap as $25 per person for a fun and different evening.

If you’re looking to wow your friends in the future for a get together, contact the friendly guys behind Brahm Bauer.

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