Meatmarket has been open for business on the Main for a while now. I’ve tried quite a few items from their lunch menu in the past years and I’ve been going back for the generous portions and laid back atmosphere. Their menu is mainly made of sandwich combos.

The amazing fries included in every meal is probably the main reason why people like this place.

On my last visit, I decided to indulge myself in the most exciting and greasy dish: the Meatmarket poutine! The fries are a mix of regular and sweet potatoes and the gravy is a rich sauce that covers the whole rectangular plate. As a yummy extra, I’ve opted for a brochette of grilled flank steak.

The whole thing is amazing and gives a needed upgrade to the regular diner poutine. I wouldn’t say it’s fine cuisine but if you’re ready for a rich lunch, I definitely recommend a visit to Meatmarket!

You can complete your meal with a glass of wine or a good pint of beer at a special price if you don’t feel like being productive for the rest of your day!

ADDRESS: 4415 St-Laurent
PHONE: 514-223-2292
HOURS: MON 11:30AM–3PM / TUES–WED 11:30AM–11PM / THU–FRI 11:30AM–12AM / SAT 5PM–12AM
PRICE: $15-20

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