Deville Dinerbar

Deville Dinerbar opened recently on Stanley in the middle of Montreal’s downtown. I rarely visit this area for food escapades from previous bad experiences and high prices so it was a good opportunity to give the area another chance.

I was invited for a media event packed with hungry foodies and I ended up finding a place at the end of the bar. I was really impressed by the design of the restaurant, especially the merge of wood and mirror in the ceiling. The booths looked more than comfortable and it was easy to get a sneak peak at the open kitchen located on the first floor.

It didn’t take long before the food started flowing in with samples from the menu.

The tuna taco was deliciously fresh! I would have preferred a soft shell taco but overall, it made a perfect appetizer bite to go along a drink after work.

The hot dog was really, really good! Well anything wrapped in bacon is, right? I also appreciated the cabbage salad on top.

I got to try many more dishes like the mac & cheese dumplings (that’s right!), fried pickles and corn bread. On the sweet side, I tried a lemon meringue, a revisited apple pie, a milkshake shooter and a delicious Black Forest martini.

Deville Dinerbar was a great surprise and I will keep it in mind for my future 5 à 7 downtown. I would recommend going for a lot of small bites to share with friends. From what I tasted, the martinis were impressive and truly represented their titles. If you own an iPhone, get their app to control the “jukebox” while you’re there. The song selection is impressive and will definitely put you in a perfect mood for the ambiance that this old school Dinerbar offers!

*All photos in this post come from Deville Dinnerbar

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