Wines of Portugal

La Grande Dégustation de Montréal 2012
Before the year ends, I’d like to write a little recap about my visit to La Grande Dégustation de Montréal 2012 back in november.

I was very pleased by the tasting I got from most of the wine producers from Portugal, a country I usually do not think of when shopping for wine. It made me realize how affordable and lovely wines from Portugal can be, just like Spain but generally lighter.

I mostly have to thank Nicolas Treilhou from les Vins du Réseau International Global for opening my palate to Portugal. This importer group is hard at work bringing more than affordable wines to the SAQ and sadly, my favorite ones are still waiting approval to get in the country.

Still, here is a list of lovely wines if you would like to do a tasting at home:

Fontanario de Pegões

Vale da Judia

Adega de Pegões

Marquês de Marialva Blanc

Marquês de Marialva Reserva

Marquês de Marialva Baga

Look out for those bottles on your next shopping trip, they are perfect for the holidays especially on a tight budget!

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