RISE Kombucha

Kombucha is one of my favorite drinks and for good reasons: it can improve your health and well being. I have been drinking it for many years now since I was introduced to it during my raw year. We are very lucky here in Montreal to have Crudessence, a great and [raw] local producer who developed the RISE brand. We get to have the freshest product possible in town but also some of the coolest flavors I have seen so far around the world. The RISE team is young and vibrant and it is shown in their product line.

They recently launched two new flavors that I got to try at home:

MINT CHROLOPHYLL: Filtered water, kombucha culture, fair trade cane sugar, fair trade green tea, peppermint, chlorophyll.

ROSE SCHIZANDRA: Filtered water, kombucha culture, fair trade cane sugar, fair trade green tea, rose petals, schizandra berry, wood betony.

I was very impressed by the new flavours, so much that they are officially my new favorites! I am especially a fan of peppermint with green tea so I’ll be looking out for that green bottle in the future.

To wrap up this successful product launch, RISE organized a lovely cocktail party at La Maison du Développement Durable featuring four wonderful mixologists that all had one goal, showcase the new flavours in a non-alcoolic cocktail and an alcoolic cocktail.

All the mixologists did a wonderful job in creating delicious and fresh cocktails with the rose and chlorophyll flavours. Two cocktails stood out for me: Tababon (non-alcoholic) by Gabrielle Panaccio from LAB Comptoir à cocktails and The Kombucha Julep (alcoholic)  by Andrew Whibley from Pub Le Mile. RISE was nice enough to send me the cocktail booklet, click here to download it.

A bottle of 355ml is usually sold at the price of $3.89 and a 1l bottle at $8.99. Find a close point of sale here. I know I’ll be making white sangria with the Rose Schizandra as soon as the BBQ season starts!

2 thoughts on “RISE Kombucha

  1. Hi, I would like to know if there is anyone or anyplace where I can learn to make kombucha. I’d greatly appreciate your help.
    Domenic Greco


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