De L’Aubier – Sap Water

Here’s a cool water perfect for your next dinner party. This bottle will surely pique the interest of your guests!

De l’Aubier sap water is a still water of vegetal origin made from maple sap. Unlike other bottled waters, this water was not pumped by a machine. Through the biological phenomenon of osmosis, it rises to the tree’s branches during the night and flows back to the roots during the day.

I love the design, the concept and the fact that it’s produced locally. I find it awesome how everyone takes the time to taste water. Now it’s your turn to try!

4 thoughts on “De L’Aubier – Sap Water

  1. Howdy!
    What you (and/or they) leave out is that they use a machine process called “reverse osmosis” to separate the sap from the water and they charge you $6 to $7 per bottle.
    And it is spelled “pique


  2. Thanks for your comment Zeke. I’m not leaving out any info but more leading people interested to the full information available on their site 😉 If you check out more At Home articles, you will see that they are very short and feature easy to find links to the sites if available.
    As for the price, I find it pretty normal when you compare it to other bottles that offer a decent packaging and something different than water from the sink? It’s definitely not a bottle that I would buy daily but I find it original for special occasions!


  3. I have a question for Zefe: Have you tried DE L’AUBIER sap water ? I am assuming you have not. You can purchase it at Pusateris or at McEwan in Toronto for 3,99$. I strongly recommend tasting it for yourself. It is the first and only water of its kind, a plant-based still water and it is like no other water you tasted before. The reverse osmosis process serves to remove the sugary content of the maple sap, but the resulting sap water retains certain minerals and trace elements of organic origin that provides it a very unique full-bodied, silky, soothing texture with a subtle vegetal aroma that differentiates it from all other types of drinking water (tap, spring, mineral, glacier or any other source). The whole idea of creating DE L’AUBIER sap water is to sustainably manage this beautiful natural resource by consuming the portion of maple sap that is otherwise left behind when transforming maple sap into syrup. It is also about enjoying a still water of remarkable quality, nurtured by nature and annually renewable. But again, a sip is worth a thousand words, just give it a try, compare it with any other water and you will get why it is so special !Cheers 🙂
    Élodie Fleury, president and co-founder of Eau Matelo inc.


  4. Thanks Elodie. I am going there tomorrow, the first thing in the morning, to try this new find by you and your brother.Read a bit about it in The Globe And Mail and was really intrigued to give it a shot.Thanks again


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