The Holiday Dinner Party Surviving Guide

The holidays is not so much about gifts to me but more about A LOT of dinner parties with friends and family. It can get old to always bring the same items so here are a few fun suggestions to impress your host.


I attend La Grande Dégustation yearly to taste wines from all over the world and order them through the vendors at the event just in time for the holidays!

I also make it a mission to remember about the ones that are available at the SAQ. Here are my two favorites:

The affordable: Clos du Bois Merlot 2010 – $18.45


The big occasion: Château Montus Cuvée Prestige 2002 – $50.25



Au Pied de Cochon sells great products for dinner parties including the meat pie found at its famous sugarshack either for pick up or delivery. I highly recommend to pick it up yourself to go and get amazing chocolates next door at Les Chocolats de Chloé.



Cool&Simple is a frozen products chain with 3 stores in Montreal. They specialize in gourmet items that can be unfrozen and served when receving guests.

They happen to be selling quite a few items from Fauchon (seriously, who doesn’t love Fauchon!?) including their christmas log. I love the chocolate praline flavor, it’s delicious and only $19.95.


That’s all for 2013! Any other items that should have made it to the list?

Happy holidays everyone!

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