Tea Time at Cardinal

Sparrow opened a tea room this past December and it is pretty exciting!

To try Cardinal, I had to go with my sister who loves tea rooms and tested most of the ones available in Montreal including Le Maître Chocolatier (sadly closed now), Rhubarbe and Birks Café.

The tea room is located on the second and third (who knew there was one!) floors of Sparrow with direct stairs from the restaurant or through its own entrance on the street. The room itself is quite impressive and warm.

If you are used to going for tea in the afternoon, you might find the experience a bit different. There are no reservations required and you sit wherever you want as you would in a coffee shop. There is also no service at the tables except for when receiving what you ordered.

It was a bit a bit annoying to have to read the menu on a very high wall and having to remember everything (we were hungry!) but I got over it once I saw the prices and selection.

I think it’s great that we get to order exactly what we want compared to paying a fixed price for items that you might not like that much.

Cardinal - Tea time

We ordered:
Two teas – one rooibos and one genmaicha
Two sandwiches – one cucumber and one eggs
One blueberry scone
One lemon bar
One shortbread

Everything was delicious and so generous that I had to ask for a doggy bag to take the lemon bar to go. It cost me about $35 for everything. My favorite item was the cucumber sandwich that I’ve been craving since then!

Le Cardinal is open on weekends [Friday to Sunday] from 11am to 7pm and it is cash only.

Cardinal - Map

2 thoughts on “Tea Time at Cardinal

  1. Hello!
    My name is Lauren and I am writing you on behalf of all of us at the Cardinal Tea Room. You wrote such a lovely post about us back in January, and we are sure that much of our success has come about as a result of reviews just like yours, so we’d all like to say a big THANK YOU!
    I am also writing to let you and your readers know that we’ve made a few changes to our system since your last visit. These include the switch to table service (no more ordering at the counter!), and the addition of debit and credit to our accepted methods of payment. Finally, we now have a website! http://www.thecardinaltea.com – you can check out our most updated menu there, which now includes some delicious summery offerings like a smoked trout sandwich, homemade gazpacho, and several different kinds of iced tea.
    We hope to see you all at the Cardinal soon 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment Lauren, I’m glad to hear that the experience is even nicer with table service and card payments! I definitely need to come back to sample the new menu and spend some time in your beautiful location.


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