La Cabane – 2014 Edition

I had the pleasure to spend most of March in Morocco away from this winter/spring nonsense but just before that, I was invited to the media opening of La Cabane!
La Cabane - Cocktail

This Old Montreal sugarshack is celebrating its fifth year by showcasing five chefs with five courses. Here is the menu in photos:

La Cabane - Bread course

A bread course with cumin butter was served before the service started and it was amazing.

La Cabane - First course

First course was cod croquettes with an endive salad and candied pecans. Helena Loureiro’s creation was spot on. The croquettes were perfectly mastered as they didn’t leave a greasy after-taste like most fish cakes do.

La Cabane - Second course

Second course was a smoked squash soup with Atkins candied salmon and brioche croutons by Marc-André Jetté. The soup was quite good and I enjoyed the croutons for a good bite but I felt like they were being stingy on the salmon. I buy those monthy at Latina for a few bucks.

La Cabane - Third course

Third course was a lamb ham with vegetables by Martin Juneau. The flavors in this dish were well researched and the texture of the ham was something very new and special. However, I found it so refreshing that it felt weird to have right after the hot soup and before the main meat dish. I would have prefered this dish as the first course.

La Cabane - Fourth course

Course number four was by Dany St-Pierre and offered a cassolette of beans, pork cheeks and wieners with sides of carrots and fresh cheese. This made for a quite generous plate, covered with maple syrup of course. I hope guests are allowed doggy bags because we didn’t succeed in eating much of it even if it was delicious!

La Cabane - Fifth course

Patrice Demers took over the final and fifth course with a maple ice cream sandwich and financiers. I loved the dessert course! The ice cream was very refreshing after all that food and the packaging was very cute. I took home the financier which I ate the next day and to my surprise, it was the best one I have had so far. I usually find them boring and blend but Patrice Demers’ was the contrary. He offers the financiers at his own shop too from what I can see.

La Cabane 2014 left me quite satisfied and even if I was invited, I would have happily payed the $59 price. Even for its first night, the service was smooth and all the courses were good. I feel like this year’s success is due to the fact that one chef was in charge of one course each and a lot more attention was given to each plate.

La Cabane is running until April 20th and you can make a reservation online here. For $29, a wine service will accompany four courses and it is worth it. All the wines are from Quebec and I enjoyed all of them, which is about time!

Happy sugarshack season everyone!

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