Berendo Coffee Launch at Le Magasin Général du Vieux-Montréal

I was invited to the Berendo launch just a few weeks ago at Le Magasin Général du Vieux-Montréal. I had never heard of Berendo before but quickly after checking out their website and products, I was sold and looking forward to tasting their coffee line.

Berendo is made up of a fantastic team of two coffee lovers, Lyse and Nathalie, who met through their passion for espresso during a trip. They founded the company in 2007 and after years of hard work refining the coffee itself, it was now time to work on and relaunch a branding that matched the high quality product.

They collaborate with 3 local coffee roasters and currently offer 9 coffee blends including the Las Nubes El Salvador which is a limited edition.

I sampled both the Las Nubes and Emma blends which I loved. They are both great for drip coffee and espresso which I appreciate because I drink my coffee different ways at home.

Le Magasin Général du Vieux-Montréal was a great location to host the launch with their charming bistro and terrace. They carry and serve the Berendo line and happen to have an amazing italian chef who created a simple but delicious menu. For the event, she clevery used the coffee in her tiramisu!

For more information about the coffee, click here. Shipping is free on orders over $47. I asked if they were open to a monthly subscription service like found in the US and Toronto and it’s definitely something we should look forward to in the (maybe not so near) future!

I hope coffee shops in Montreal will offer this coffee instead of US brands now that we have a few brands that are as good. #drinklocal

2 thoughts on “Berendo Coffee Launch at Le Magasin Général du Vieux-Montréal

  1. Hi Sofia, it is Lyse thank you so very much the very nice article. You took time to know us and our partner roasters, taste appropriately and came up with your own conclusions. Thanks so very much and the fact that you did say Local is real cool. People keep saying that they work local and they buy their coffee roasted across the country and the US. Lyse
    I just need to point out one little thing in your article which is important.
    Would you kindly send me or Nathalie an email at or
    Thanks again and looking forward to discuss the little point.
    Lyse 514-750-2220


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