Visiting Berendo

Berendo - PackagingBerendo - Packaging

Berendo – Packaging

I previously wrote about the local coffee company Berendo back when they invited me to their rebranding launch in May.

I remember being very impressed by their coffee beans and, most importantly, by the owners of the company: Lyse and Nathalie. A few weeks ago, they got back to me and invited me to visit the headquarters to see how things were being run and to sample their latest products.

Being a huge coffee lover, it just made sense to learn more about the coffee business. Their HQ are located a few bus stops away from Sauvé metro and also happen to be very close to the popular Fleury Ouest area.

Berendo - Don PepeBerendo - Don Pepe

Berendo – Don Pepe

I got to try the Don Pepe Panama which ended up being their best seller this fall as it’s already sold out on the shop!

We sampled it in both drip and espresso and they were both lovely. I’m always happy to find a coffee that can be enjoyed in multiple ways as it’s not always the case.

Berendo - Don PepeBerendo - Don Pepe

Berendo – Don Pepe

We got to talk a lot about how they package and sell their coffee. Berendo does all of its customer sales on their website and they made sure to offer free shipping for orders of $47 and more. However, if you order for less, shipping fees are $10. What’s good to know is that they really took the time to choose their shipping services and even if you are not in Montreal, there are chances you will receive your package in 24 hours.

If you think about it, that’s pretty amazing if you are really into fresh coffee and grinding it yourself. Much better than buying a bag of beans at the store which probably traveled all the way from the United States.

Berendo - TasterBerendo - Taster

Berendo – Taster

Lyse and Nathalie also got to tell me more about the coffee training that they offer. For $60, anyone can register for a 2-hour session at their headquarters. With a maximum of 4 people at a time, you will get to learn about making the perfect cup of coffee so you can easily repeat it at home. The price also includes a bag of coffee.

Finally, just in time for the holidays, Berendo launched a Christmas trio of limited editions! I think that’s a brilliant gift idea (for yourself too).

Berendo - TrioBerendo - Trio

Berendo – Trio

I really did enjoy my visit at Berendo and I am glad that I got to know more about Lyse and Nathalie. Check out this great local company at

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