Montreal Test Lab: COOK IT


Concept: Pick dishes online, receive the ingredients to your door and cook it like a chef!
Price: Generally between $7 and $15 per portion but you must order 4 portions. Shipping is included.


  • Even if you cook daily like me, it’s a great opportunity to learn recipes you’ve been meaning to without running all over town for ingredients! On 2 different orders, I learned new tricks each time.
  • The shipping is on afternoons so you don’t have to wait all day.
  • The ingredients seem to be local whenever they can be.


  • I find the prices very high. $30 for 2 chimichurri steaks and potatoes or 2 cajun shrimps with sweet potato purée makes no sense to me when I know I could buy all the ingredients for $15-20 myself.
  • The 2 portions per recipe is a bit annoying when you’re ordering alone. I wish I could order 4 different recipes instead of 2 with too much food for me based on the fact that I order to learn.

COOK It - Ingredients

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