5 Reasons To Visit Zyara




So, I went all the way to DIX30 for the first time ever in April and I ended up having some of the best lebanese of my life! Other than needing a car to get there, I loved my experience and can’t wait to go back. Here’s 5 reasons to head to Zyara asap:

1 – A Solid Bar

Zyara - The BarZyara - The Bar

Zyara – The Bar

The bar is beautiful, large and spacious. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a meal there especially with the professional staff behind it. The wine and cocktail list is pretty wide including a selection of arak which you must try on your visit!

2 – The Gorgeous Decor

Zyara - DecorZyara - Decor

Zyara – Decor

Even if the restaurant is huge, not one area has been skipped design wise and that includes the restrooms. Zyara is very modern but still has the Mediterranean touch that we would expect. A terrace is also available for summer days with shishas on stand-by!

3 – Fresh Pita Made For You!

Zyara - PitaZyara - Pita

Zyara – Pita

Zyara doesn’t kid around with its bread. The chef worked very hard on developing his own pita recipe so that his customers would have the freshest bread possible. The bread goes in the oven for each person sitting at a table the moment they order. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen that being done anywhere else!

4 – The Tasting Menus

Zyara - SharingZyara - Sharing

Zyara – Sharing

The restaurant offers two tasting menus that are meant to be shared and portions are adjusted depending on the number of guests. Both menus include 6 cold mezzas, 6 hot mezzas, a lebanese dessert and tea or coffee for either $38 or $40 per person. Good luck finishing all the food 😉

5 – The Chef

Zyara - The ChefZyara - The Chef

Zyara – The Chef

What impressed me the most about my visit at Zyara was the chef: Nabil El Khayal. He is passionate about what he does and I love his dedication on bringing the best products to the table. The freshly made pita bread was already something but he also gets ingredients directly from Lebanon including olive oil and collaborates with a lady who masters the making of dishes like kebbe.


QUARTIER DIX30 9140 LEDUC BLVD., SUITE 205 BROSSARD, QC, J4Y 0L2 450 812 0235

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