Montreal Test Lab: Montréal Frais


Montréal Frais
Concept: Get products delivered to your door from some of the best businesses in Montreal
Price: Prices match the price you would pay in person at any shop. However, you must pay $8.85 + taxes for shipping. The shipping price might also go up in the future when they end their beta phase.


  • The businesses picked so far are all very exciting including Patrice Pâtissier, Dose Juice, La Maison du Rôti and La Fromagerie Hamel.
  • The website is a breeze to use and that’s quite impressive for a first release!
  • The shipping hours only force you to wait for a maximum of 1.5h instead of wasting a whole day.


  • The shipping price hurts a little. If I was doing a full grocery there, I wouldn’t mind it but so far, I’ve only been using the site to order specialty products and treats which makes the total much higher for no reason. It would make more sense if it were a percentage instead of a one-price fee.

Montréal Frais - My Order

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