A VIP look in the Artist World at Osheaga


Osheaga - Artist WorldOsheaga - Artist World

Osheaga – Artist World

Wondering how the artists get treated at Osheaga? Elastoplast opened the doors to the Artist World for an evening right before the festival started so we could live a VIP experience with Chef Chuck Hughes. Pretty funny but also clever collaboration here šŸ˜‰

First off, I’ve never been to Osheaga in my life. I spent so many years at the Vans Warped Tour as a teenager that I reached my limit of big crowds. But when I heard that I would get to EAT what the artists get over the weekend, I got very excited!

A team led under Chuck Hugues and Danny Smiles worked incredibly hard over the music festival weekend to offer multiple stations of amazing food. No matter how picky the artist or band was, I am 100% sure they were completely satisfied.

So here’s what 2015 had to offer if you were an artist:

Osheaga - Meat StationOsheaga - Meat Station

Osheaga – Meat Station

The meat station was as legit as any Texas smokehouse! It offered beef, pork and lamb in multiple cuts and grilling styles including some crazy good ribs.

Osheaga - Seafood StationOsheaga - Seafood Station

Osheaga – Seafood Station

The seafood station was loaded with oysters and tartare that I both love but what made it special were the raw scallops on shell. It was my first time trying them and it was amazing!

Osheaga - Dinner SectionOsheaga - Dinner Section

Osheaga – Dinner Section

The dinner station is the destination for any type of fast food craving. Of course, they played around with some known dishes like serving a poutine with kimchi or a 12-decker grilled cheese. And that fried chicken was better than Dinette Triple Crown and I never thought someone would beat them :O

Osheaga - Dessert StationOsheaga - Dessert Station

Osheaga – Dessert Station

The dessert station was so decadent with donuts, pies, panna cotta and much much more.

Osheaga - Juice SectionOsheaga - Juice Section

Osheaga – Juice Section

And finally, the smoothie section was perfect to wash it all down!

I’m so starting a band…

just so I can go back! No but really, I heard that artists love the Artist World so much that they come play at Osheaga just for the food. I’m not surprised one bit.

Thanks for the VIP experience Elastoplast! And check them out on FB before Osheaga next year in case they do the event again and throw a contest just like this year šŸ˜‰

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