My #FerreroMoment Just In Time For The Holidays


Ferrero ❤ invited me last week to come and get inspired by a holiday home curated by Saskia Thuot. The beautiful house was located in Ville Mont-Royal so I already knew it would be a dream house! I know we all like driving by those for fun.
Ferrero House - Entrance

No area of the house was left behind as you can see with this charming entrance. I loved all the golden details, a style that has been very trendy in 2015.

Ferrero House - Living Room

The living room area was gorgeous! So many elements were in place but it still felt light. It was a great example proving that you can decorate for a season or holiday even if you’re into minimalistic design like I am.

The LED candles were a smart touch to not have to worry with kids around or even as a general fire hazard! Plus, look at all those treats! 😉

Ferrero House - Champagne

We finally made our way as guests would to the dining area. The first thing I noticed was the fun corner champagne bar to start with a drink!

Ferrero House - Dining Room

The dining room with the standard christmas tree was lovely. The area felt very warm with the navy blue on the wall and the chairs. And I truly could not get enough of the gold, it just made everything look classy.

Visiting this house was just a blast! I’ve been meaning to start making an effort around my condo to decorate lightly and without making it look like a cheesy Christmas-themed house and it was the perfect inspiration for it.

I like that Ferrero organized this event and invited us to try their line of products. I think they’re the perfect small gift idea for the holidays because really, who doesn’t love Ferrero?

Ferrero House - Saskia Thuot

It was a pleasure to visit this holiday house with Saskia Thuot. Thanks for being such a great host and sharing all those ideas with us!

All the photos comes from Ferrero.

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