Visiting L’Atelier D’Argentine for LeCHOP!


LeCHOP is a great event that gives you the opportunity to try a 3-course menu at 5 different restaurants for the awesome fixed price of $25. It’s not the first time a concept like this is proposed but this one is a little bit different. Each chef competes weekly for the dish of the week which is also served at their restaurant. You can then head on the website and vote for a chance to win a free meal for two. Check out the YouTube channel here to get tempted by the food!
L'Atelier D'Argentine - Lounge Room

The team behind LeCHOP gave me the opportunity to visit L’Atelier D’Argentine in Old Montreal this past Friday and I had a great time! Thursdays and Fridays feature a live dj with percussions and projections which makes for the perfect ambiance to kick off the weekend.

Here’s the 3-course I picked:

Appetizer: Fontana and caramelized onions empanadas

L'Atelier D'Argentine - Empanadas

Main: Chimichurri tapas de asado

L'Atelier D'Argentine - Tapas de Asado

Dessert: Dulce de leche flan

L'Atelier D'Argentine - Dulce de Leche flan
Everything was delicious and perfectly cooked! The only thing I could have asked for more is the chimichurri sauce with the steak. I visited Buenos Aires a few years ago and I was a fan of all the sauces available on each table to accompany any meat cut.

If you’re into wine and feel like spending a little more than the fixed $25, I would definitely ask for a wine pairing. L’Atelier D’Argentine is proud of its Argentinian wines, the biggest selection in the country, and it proves for great discoveries throughout the meal. I loved trying a fortified Malbec from Argentina, a Port-like product, with my dessert!

Finally, if you plan on going (and you should!), make sure to book between 5 and 8pm to enjoy the happy hour where all the cocktails are $6!

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