The Weekly Celebration of Pancakes at Fabergé


I visited Fabergé this week after hearing of their Pancake Tuesday concept: every week, a new kind of fabulous pancakes is served all day at the restaurant.
The thing is that I never ever order a sweet plate for brunch when I eat out because I feel too bad about not getting the right nutrients in. Yes, I know, I have not been doing brunch right!

So for a special occasion, my partner and I made it our mission to go to Fabergé just for the pancakes and it was AMAZING!

Fabergé - Huevos

Of course, we agreed on also ordering a savoury dish 😉 Forget about Huevos Rancheros, I had something so much yummier and it’s called Huevos Dorados. The dish includes a crispy tortilla, refried beans, onions, salsa verde, guacamole, two poached eggs, fried queso fresco, and rice & beans.

It literally took me 5min to eat my half of the plate and I was already asking to come back for more. It was such a well balanced plate that felt light but so satisfying at the same time. And that fried queso fresco just brought back memories from my breakfasts in Verana

Now, on to the pancakes…

Fabergé - Pancakes
This week’s pancakes: The Big Fudge – fudge, brownie & bananas

I’ll keep it short and sweet: it was GOOD! What can you not like about this plate anyway? We worked hard on it and successfully ate 70% of it. Maybe not having a milkshake on the side would have helped but how can you resist a white hot chocolate with coconut & almond milk, topped with a bunch of heart shaped sweet bites?

Fabergé gave us what we need to get through winter — a weekly celebration where we can indulge on delicious food together! I’m going back for sure. What are you waiting for?

The restaurant is open from 8am to 3pm on Tuesdays. Find more info here including the new menu that has been served since July.

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