Where To 5 à 7 In Montreal When You Don’t Really Drink


Over the past two years, I have found myself drinking less and less. Don’t get me wrong, I can still enjoy a good glass of red wine with a nice meal. But when I meet my friends during happy hours, I simply have no interest in drinking too many cocktails. It makes me remember that last November, I visited a friend in Florida and we ended up trying a trendy pub in Wildwood. To my surprise, they were serving Kombucha on tap and it just made my night!

So anyway, now that we’ve established that I’ve become one of those people, what do you do when your friends do want to meet up for drinks after work?

I’ve realized that Montreal museums are the perfect solution! We have an amazing network of museums and galeries that host too many events to handle monthly that it makes it quite easy to plan a 5 à 7.

While attending a special event, there will be a bar of course but also many activities to do and experience together. So next time you’re thinking of meeting up, here are a few museums that could do the trick!

McCord Museum

McCord MuseumMcCord Museum

McCord Museum

I visited the McCord Museum for the first time two weeks ago and I had such a great time! They were hosting the opening party for Printemps Numérique which you should also check out.

Check out this page for their upcoming events and know that if you add $9 to your admission fee during those specials nights, you get a year membership to the museum!

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

MBAM - PopcornMBAM - Popcorn

MBAM – Popcorn

I attended their most recent event last week which featured the amazing Pompeii exhibition at half price and cocktails for $6. I gotta say that I did order a drink that evening because it came with maple-flavoured popcorn 😀 The room with the bar is gorgeous and perfect to sit down and chat before going in the exhibition.

Check out their Facebook page to see what’s coming up!

Phi Centre

Centre PhiCentre Phi

Centre Phi

Phi Centre is an amazing hub for music, art and technologies in Montreal. They always have something special going on and later then a 5 à 7.

Visit this page to see all that is going on and make sure to try the VR sets on your next visit!

Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal / MAC

Even though I haven’t been in a long time, MAC has been throwing awesome Friday night parties called Les Nocturnes du MAC. Those events feature access to the current exhibitions, live music, bites and drinks.

Check out this page to see when the next dates are and consider getting a membership for direct and free access to those parties!

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