A Wine With A Different Story


The Frescobaldi family organized a very special evening in April to share a project they are quite proud of, and for good reason.
I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Marchesi de Frescobaldi wines before last month even though they have been around since 1308!

Gorgogona 2014 - Frescobaldi

Frescobaldi per Gorgona is a social project that started in 2012 on the island of Gorgona, the last prison island in Italy. The prisoners, about 50 so far who are reaching the end of their sentence, get a special opportunity to learn the techniques of wine making with the help of masters part of the Frescobaldi company. This project definitely encourages a smoother social reinsertion by giving the prisoners skills to easily find a job once outside.

The wine itself is fresh, light, different and basically delicious! I’m not a fan of white wine but I could have this one over and over again. It is sold for $99 at SAQ but it might help to know that to this day, only 2700 bottles can be produced per vintage.

If you’re looking for a special wine for a special occasion or simply want to support a project you want to believe in, I think we’ve got a winner here!

Frescobaldi - Prison Island

Now I want to visit Italy even more.

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