The New Portus360 Does Not Disappoint


Chef Helena Loureiro’s Portus Calle was my favorite restaurant when I worked at the corner of Rachel and St-Laurent. Whenever I had a meeting, I would make it happen there because I knew the service would be on point and we would feast without feeling too full. It was sort of sad to hear that they were leaving the Main back in October to move at the junction of Old Montreal and Griffintown. However, since I visited about two weeks ago, I now know it’s for the best and the restaurant’s new view is kind of breathtaking..!

Since I’ve only visited Portus Calle on lunch time, I thought it would make sense to visit the new Portus360 during the same service.

The New Building

The restaurant is located in the Evo Student Residence on Robert-Bourassa. It’s kind of weird to enter that building especially for the first time and it doesn’t look as nice as it did when it was a hotel. You will be redirected quickly to the elevator which takes you directly to the restaurant entrance.

Lunch Time At Portus360

If you plan on going to Portus360 for lunch, you have plenty of options: 3-course menu that changes daily for $25 (it’s amazing, trust me!), à la carte or the tasting menu.

In my case, I was invited to try the restaurant so I got to experience the tasting menu for the first time.

A 6-Course In Photos

Portus 360 - Cod CroquettePortus 360 - Cod Croquette

Portus 360 – Cod Croquette

Cod Croquettes

Portus 360 - Stuffed MusselPortus 360 - Stuffed Mussel

Portus 360 – Stuffed Mussel

Stuffed Mussel with Chorizo

Portus 360 - Octopus SaladPortus 360 - Octopus Salad

Portus 360 – Octopus Salad

Octopus Salad

Portus 360 - ShrimpPortus 360 - Shrimp

Portus 360 – Shrimp

Garlic Shrimp

Portus 360 - PorkPortus 360 - Pork

Portus 360 – Pork

Breaded Pork with mini onions and potatoes

Portus 360 - DessertPortus 360 - Dessert

Portus 360 – Dessert

Dessert Platter

So, How Was It?

Portus - CoffeePortus - Coffee

Portus – Coffee

There’s not one single course I disliked. Everything was so lovely and I appreciated how much seafood was served compared to other tasting menus. The only meat item was the breaded pork and it was cooked in such a different way, which reminded me of Tonkatsu. It was great to make it to the dessert platter with an appetite still and enjoy all those sweet options.

We also got to taste some great wines along with our food, including a Portuguese Pinot Noir! As for the service, it was fun and professional just like on the Main. The only thing that’s changed really is the view and photos couldn’t do it justice.

You can check out a quick timelapse part of a vlog I did on that day here:

Or just head to this amazing restaurant already! I think I will as soon as next month for my birthday 😀

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