7 Places To Try On Your Next Visit To Toronto


The Blue Jays At The Rogers Center

Hot Dog - Rogers Center

Don’t forget to grab an extra large hot dog and beer while you watch Toronto’s baseball team! The Rogers Center is worth seeing especially during the summer once the dome is open.


Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar

Coffee - Early Bird

Early Bird might be my new favorite coffee shop for its cool vibe and on point music! Did you know they have a terrace in the back?


Kupfert & Kim

Lunch - Kupfert & Kim

This small restaurant has everything you might crave for a healthy but filling lunch. Perfect to keep on shopping! Plus that Kombucha on tap is delicious <3.



Lunch - Momofuku

You can’t visit Toronto without having a bun or ramen at Momofuku! It’s actually the best place to eat at on your arrival or departure as it’s minutes away from the train station. Don’t forget to go upstairs for some cookies to go 😉


Project Spaces

Coworking - Project Spaces

If work can’t wait, make sure to visit Project Spaces on King West. This coworking has an incredible view and some really cool people to discover.


Quantum Coffee

Coffee - Quantum Coffee

If you were thinking of getting a fancy coffee travel mug, go get it at Quantum who understands what cool branding looks like! Make sure to check out the open work space next door if you need to get some more work done on your visit, it has free wifi and plugs everywhere.


Tucana Coffee

Coffee - Tucana Coffee

This coffee shop may be the smallest in town but it also happens to be the prettiest. Plus, they make the best Americano ever!


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