Balnea’s Summer of Chefs Is The Ultimate Montreal Getaway


Balnea threw one hell of a party a few weeks ago to announce the chefs of the 2016 Summer of Chefs edition! Of course, if you followed my YouTube channel, you would already know about this 😉 I’m just teasing but start getting used to videos as part of my articles in the future! To learn more about what is Summer of Chefs and the contest going on, head over there. In a few words: 7th Edition + 10 amazing chefs + 10 inspired dishes @ the best spa in Quebec!

In photos below, every dish tasted as an hors d’oeuvre and the day they will be featured at the spa’s restaurant:

Jonathan Rassi from Les 400 Coups

Sunday July 3rd

Balnea - Les 400 coupsBalnea - Les 400 coups

Balnea – Les 400 coups

Lobster salad, M. Legault’s tomatoes and strawberries, feed peas, green peas, camelina, lemon verbena

Mathieu Masson-Duceppe from Jellyfish

Sunday July 10th

Balnea - JellyfishBalnea - Jellyfish

Balnea – Jellyfish

Charred heirloom carrots, ricotta, honey, bread, homemade duck prosciutto

David Pellizzari from Lili.Co

Sunday July 17th

Balnea - Lili&CoBalnea - Lili&Co

Balnea – Lili&Co

Grilled pompano, broad bean puree, labneh nasturtiums, fresh almonds, Aleppo pepper carrot sauce

Jean-Baptiste Marchand from Chambre à Part

Sunday July 24th

Balnea - Chambre à partBalnea - Chambre à part

Balnea – Chambre à part

Char, watermelon, courgette, lamb, cucumber and sorrel

Charles-Emmanuel Pariseau from O’Chevreuil

Sunday July 31st

Balnea - O'ChevreuilBalnea - O'Chevreuil

Balnea – O’Chevreuil

Smoked Salmon prepared in the Bloody Tennessee manner

François Blais from Bistro B

Sunday August 7th

Balnea - Bistro BBalnea - Bistro B

Balnea – Bistro B

Beef Gravlax, truffles and olive vinaigrette, horseradish, cippolini and crème fraiche

Francis Lorrain from Le Boating Club

Sunday August 14th

Balnea - Boating ClubBalnea - Boating Club

Balnea – Boating Club

Escabeche Island lobster, orange frothy, edamame and carrot sauce

Olivier Vigneault from Jatoba

Sunday August 21st

Balnea - JatobaBalnea - Jatoba

Balnea – Jatoba

Sustainable red bluefin tuna, nori powder and micro coriander sashimi, slightly spicy crunchy tobbiko yuzu tartare, min bitter peach, Asian pear salsa and green shallots

Julien Robillard from XO Le Restaurant

Sunday August 28th

Balnea - XOBalnea - XO

Balnea – XO

Eggs and balsam broth, hamachi carpaccio and eucalyptus ice cubes and orange blossom

Grégory Paul from Mile-Ex

Sunday September 4th

Balnea - Mile-ExBalnea - Mile-Ex

Balnea – Mile-Ex

Burnt Watermelon cubes, pressure infused, vanilla perfumed Tigre Leche, Gaspésie smoked Char, celery gel

Everything was so lovely and fresh but if I’d have to choose a top 3 it would be Jellyfish, O’Chevreuil and Bistro B! Mile-Ex and Le Boating Club were almost very close to my favorites!

I also have a special mention for Mr. Wilson below which is an awesome ice cream counter that can be booked for private events. The flavours were bold like vanilla with fresh pepper or strawberries with balsamic vinegar and the service quite outstanding. I hope everyone books them this summer so I can eat some more!

Balnea - Mr. WilsonBalnea - Mr. Wilson

Balnea – Mr. Wilson

I highly recommend to plan a visit to Balnea this summer, even though we have some great locations in town, this Bromont spa makes for a perfect getaway and gives you the chance to jump in a real lake or even go hiking. For more info, click here.

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