Silent Yoga At Bassin Peel With YogaTribes


YogaTribes invited me to the last stop of their Tout le monde yoga (Everyone yoga) tour at Bassin Peel last Thursday. For this last session, a Vinyasa course was given by Andrew Bathory. I’m not going to lie, I am no yogi but what really attracted me about this event was the fact that we were all going to be wearing wireless headphones called SOUND OFF™.

YogaTribes at Bassin PeelYogaTribes at Bassin Peel

YogaTribes at Bassin Peel

I liked the fact that the event only accepted about 300 guests which kept the event much more personal than my experience at similar yoga events. Wearing the headphones also made everyone very quiet and attentive to both our teacher and what the dj was playing. It created such a lovely vibe and everyone around me couldn’t help but smile and dance the whole time!

I really hope this event becomes something we could attend monthly, it might push me to practice yoga more often than twice a year, eh! Until then, check out YogaTribes and all the awesome teachers who take the time to post their upcoming sessions. I hear you will be able to pay for a onetime class through the system very soon which is perfect if you don’t want a membership!

More info right here!

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