Celebrating Happening Gourmand’s 10th Anniversary at Kyo Bar


I love Happening Gourmand. Not as a blogger but as a Montrealer. This yearly event is the reason why I first set foot in Old Montreal for dinner 10 years ago. My younger self always thought of Old Montreal as a neighbourhood that was too expensive or even too high end for my friends and I.
I remember going multiple times with different groups of friends for a month and having such a great time everywhere! It was also a great chance to just walk around the neighbourhood and find other places I’d want to go back to.

It’s great to see that this event is still going on and is constantly being reshaped. This year, $1 off each meal is being donated to Dans la rue!

Here’s what I got at Kyo Bar, which also ends up being my favorite during the promotion:

Beef Sashimi

Red Miso Salmon

Warm donuts with condensed milk

Happening Gourmand runs from January 5th to February 5th and offers a 3-course menu for $23, $26 or $30 depending on the restaurant.

Pick yours right here. There are two weeks left to enjoy the promotion!

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