Getting Inspired At The Montreal National Home Show


This year marks my first visit at the Montreal National Home Show (Salon de l’habitation)! This huge expo is running until tomorrow at Place Bonaventure, which sounds like the perfect activity for a Sunday 😉
I’m always looking for new ideas for my future condo which is due for Spring 2018.
Here are a few things I found worth sharing!

Indoor Gardening with Urban Cultivator

I love this indoor gardening system that lets you grow herbs, microgreens and even vegetables right in your kitchen!

Efficient Living

If you have or plan on having a big kitchen counter, instead of stools on the other side, why not incorporate a dining table? This is the best! I feel like every country house should have this.

Saving Water with USD Global

It doesn’t rain all the time in Montreal, but when it does, it goes on for hours. Why not save all that water for your grass and plants?

Different Lighting

This is my favorite and I’m seriously considering it for my new place! We always rely on ceiling lighting when there are other options and this one is just brilliant to save space!

Find a list of the exhibitors and more information here. Can’t wait to see more next year!

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