Going Wine Tasting in Quebec


Well, that’s definitely new to me! I’ve traveled to Sonoma, Napa Valley and even Prince Edward County for wine but I never thought about doing so in Quebec. Let’s say, I’m more used to going apple picking 😉
Vignoble Riviève du Chêne invited me amongst other bloggers to come and discover their vineyard a few Thursdays ago. The afternoon took place on that day specifically because of their new Thursday’s Foodies & Tapas.

On top of discovering this beautiful property and tasting a lot of legit wines, you can now enjoy their patio and share generous tapas. It’s such a great idea to get out of town [it’s a 40-minute drive from Montreal] and bring back a few local bottles after a delicious meal.

Instead of photos, here’s a short video to view my visit:

My favorite wine was the Phénix white but what impressed me the most was all of their ice wines — they were better than anything I tasted in Quebec! I’m also very excited for the future as the owner, Daniel Lalande, loves Pinot Noir just like I do and is working on those grapes as we speak.

For food recommendations, the smoked trout arancini and mini flank steak burgers were my favorite items. You also cannot go wrong with their red wine poutine!

For more information, visit the Vignoble Riviève du Chêne’s website right here.

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